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Nokia Andrássy út | 2009.03.

Nokia 3D site.
3D elements built onto building net.

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Levi's Andrássy | 2008.09.

Live unbuttoned! The surface of Levi's says on the wall of Andrássy street. Black and white sight is a great choice in luxury style Andrássy road.


Discovery creative | 2008.09.

We are proud to introduce the promotion of Discovery Channel, our creative of September, found on Blaha Lujza Square.


Loreal campaign | 2008.02.

Building net campaign of Loreal, and the fabrication and outplacement of cityposter.


Cib fire wall | 2008.01.14.

The handover of CIB fire-wall has happened in this January, location: Széna Square. The painting requires 3 days. We have planned the creative according to the image of CIB campaign .

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Horizont Advertisement Ltd officiates on the outdoor advertisement market since 7 years. The main scope of activity of the 100 % Hungarian owned company is the sale of giant posters placed upon building nets. In the last years the role of such giant posters covering construction sites has remarkably increased on the media-market.

On the outdoor media market Horizont Advertisement Ltd was a pioneer using giant posters covering construction sites.

We have revived our business model by consolidating 2 market factors.

Kenéz method
András Kenéz is the owner and managing director of one of the most outstanding companies of the Hungarian advertisement market. Their giant posters stretch all over Budapest. Kenéz has established a brand new method in Hungary Read more >>

Creative !!!
Creative design beyond 2 dimesnion!
Yes it is absolutely possible. Couple of advertiser insist on extraordinary appearance in public. We also like that.

  Before - after  

Totally free of expenses we take on the renovation of your house’s frontage– by arrangement inner renovation at fair price – in case the building is appropriate for marketing the surface of the building trestle work during renovation. Arrangements possible through the trustee of the building.

The technical content of renovation:

- repair of errors on frontage surface
- polishing and painting of frontage
- renovation of sculptures and balconies of the building
- paintwork of window and door frames
- repair and change of eaves and drains

Time Square
Renewed face of Budapest: references on implementationIn the homeland of advertisement – in the United States – the symbol of advertisement is Time Square, New York. In the city of Manhattan the ads (neons, giant posters various in size andappearance) are so overwhelming on thissquare that it is practically impossible to receive themessage of a single advertisements. Still advertisers are rushing for the surfaces, because those who do not have posters there, do not even count. Being on Time Square is simply the question of prestige for big companies
Media plan

Based on the information provided by our costumers’ media designers we are able to execute the ideas alike, moreover we can prepare media portfolio according to their concept as part of planned media campaigns. Read more >>










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