Product features

Neon sign is a medium used in a public space, aiming at building brand image and promoting brand awareness. It can be rented for a minimum of 1 year, but it is more lucrative to rent for a longer period, usually between 3 and 6 years.

Neon signs are most visible in the evening and at night. Our locations for neon signs are along busy routes, where a large amount of car and pedestrians traffic passes through. Flashy neon signs catch the attention of the observer easily and when seen frequently, they have a significant positive effect on brand awareness and brand recall.

Double-sided neon sign

Double-sided neon signs are a special version of neon signs. Contrary to traditional neon signs, they can be read from two directions, generating a much larger contact number. Moreover, they are located closer to traffic, which means that the sign is visible for the drivers much longer. Besides building brand image and brand awareness, they are often used as direction indicators.

Appearance and history of neon signs in Budapest

“At the 1970 Party Congress, the leadership of the Hungarian Socialist Party of Workers has decided to decorate the rooftops along busy roads with colorful neon signs in order to enhance the urban nature of Budapest. As marketing generally was distroted by the grotesque rules of the social economy, it was just the cherry on top that several giant neon signs have flooded the rooftops of Budapest in the following years without carrying any message whatsoever. Still they populated every busy junction. Signs saying “Buy ready-to-wear clothing!” or “Always be careful on a moving vehicle!” have become part of everyday life and dominated the streets of Budapest.

(via Kreatív)