We have been an active player on the outdoor advertising market for almost 20 years. Our 100% Hungarian-owned company focuses mainly on marketing building wraps. Horizont Advertising has successfully revolutionized the usage of outdoor media and building wraps.

Thanks to our efforts, the downtown districts of Budapest have gotten a completely new look during the last couple of years. We have reached a market leader position in 5 years by creating an alternative way of advertising for marketers.

Our business model is built on two cornerstones. We have created a common market place for buildings in need of refurbishment and the need of more outdoor advertising space.


Horizont Advertising’s growth has been stable since its foundation. Our operations have been expanding rapidly due to the creation of new product lines, serving the needs of the market extensively. Today we have a separate division dedicated to graphic design and printing.

In addition to media ownership, we offer the complete management of outdoor campaigns, including consulting, design, media purchase and implementation.